• DATE /1-2.08.2018.
  • TIME /9PM - 11PM
  • PHONE /+385 052 222 116
  • ADDRESS /Vinkuranska cesta 2, 52100, Vinkuran, Hrvatska

Discover Israel @ Cave Romane

Discover Israel @ Cave Romane. Two days of the Festival will be devoted to discovering cultural values of Israel, all in the year when the whole European family celebrates the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The program of discovering Israel will be held on August 1st and August 2nd, and it will start with Gilad Benari’s exhibition of photographs called A Different Look at Israel. This world-renowned photographer is the official photographer of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, and his works of art truly are masterpieces.

Besides the exhibition, visitors will be able to enjoy Israeli gastro-delicacies, and superb entertainment will be provided by a world-famous mentalist Roy Yezevitch and the Ozone duo, who will present klezmer music in a modern electro genre.

Roy Yezevitch is a world-famous mentalist who thrills audiences by bringing closer the secrets of the human mind using special abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. Through an interactive scene performance and reading minds of volunteers from the audience, he will leave the audience speechless.

The second day is reserved for the fantastic Acollective band, a kind of a social movement, which is made up of seven musicians that play several different instruments equally well, and the audience will enjoy in a plethora of assorted musical genres, from boogie-folk to electronic jazz and Middle-Eastern blues.

By getting to know another country’s cultural heritage, we are building communication bridges that encourage mutual understanding and acceptance.

The organizer of this multicultural event is Medulin Riviera.