• DATE /July, 31 2018
  • TIME /09:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • PHONE /+385 052 222 116
  • ADDRESS /Vinkuranska street Nº 2, 52100, Vinkuran, Croatia

Recital @ Cave Romane

Recital @ Cave Romane. Artist of the Century, the Most Humane Person, Brand Personality of the Year – these are only some of the many awards and recognitions that perpetuated the rich musical oeuvre of maestro Stefan Milenković, who revels in a fruitful career as an internationally sought-after solo artist and recitalist of extremely productive and long-lasting scene presence, professionalism and creativity.

Maestro Milenković will perform at the Rocks&Stars @ Cave Romane festival on July 31st with a piano accompaniment by Vladimir Milošević. He will perform a program with an interesting name, #CelebratingGreats, inspired by anniversaries of musical giants (Claude Debussy’s centennial anniversary of death, Sergei Prokofiev’s 65th anniversary of death and George Gershwin’s 120th anniversary of birth) that marked the history of music with their life and oeuvre.


From Claude Debussy’s mysticism and symbolism, through Sergei Prokofiev’s new simplicity to George Gershwin’s masterful classical jazz, these music giants continue to enrich lives of audiences across the world. Milenković plays Giovanni Battista Gaudagnini’s violin from 1783.

Maestro’s magnificent performance at the Festival will be accompanied by a humanitarian action with which the organizer of the Festival, in co-operation with partners Rotary District 1913 and Ivan Matetić Ronjgov Music School in Pula, will donate a violin to a talented and impecunious student from the music school.

The organizer of this extraordinary cultural and humane event is Medulin Riviera.